With decades of experience in helping parents care for their little ones when they’re unwell, CALPOL® is committed to developing gentle yet effective medicines. Specially developed over a number of years, the CALPOL® family of products includes paracetamol and ibuprofen-based medicines that are designed specifically for children to help relieve and soothe their discomfort.

CALPOL® Health Advice

From teething and earache to blocked noses and sore throats, fevers and coughing, CALPOL® provides effective medicines to help you take care of your children.  The CALPOL® team understands it is hard to know why your little one isn’t feeling well and it can be difficult working out what’s wrong. That’s why they have carefully developed handy guides to common illnesses to help you identify symptoms and the most appropriate treatment. Remember this information is just a guide and if you're worried about your child, get in touch with your GP.  
Plus track your child’s growth and development through the easy-to-use CALPOL® Little Insights tool and record those special milestones.  For more tips, inspiration and smiles explore the CALPOL® official website and sign up to Little Insights.

CALPOL® Product Family

The CALPOL® family of products has been specifically designed for children, and treats some of the most common childhood ailments. When your little one is unwell, CALPOL® can help to soothe them and help relieve them from discomforts. Find the right product from the CALPOL® family for your child by visiting the official website to explore the complete cold and cough range from CALPOL®.

The free CALPOL® App

We’ve all been there: struggling to remember what time we last gave our little one a dose of medicine. Or trying to look up a pharmacy address online with one hand whilst trying to comfort a poorly baby with the other. That’s why the CALPOL team have created the CALPOL App. Specially designed for mums and dads the CALPOL® App provides a handy advice tool to help look after your little ones. The app will help you track dosing with the dosing diary, your child’s temperature and offers calming nursery rhymes to soothe and comfort your child. Everything is personalised to your child's age and sex, from products suggested, to upcoming immunisations. The app will help you to find a nearby hospital or pharmacy by using map's on your phone when needed. It will even read advice and tips aloud to you when you're too tired to read. Free to download on iPhone and Android with the links below.