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Easter Craft Ideas

Spring is upon us and it’s time for the Easter bunny to make its appearance once again. Together with the baby chicks and fluffy bunnies, you can make Easter even more exciting for your children with these egg-celent Easter craft ideas.


Potato Easter Egg-Shaped Stamp Designs

Did you know that potatoes can make great stamps? Here are the supplies you would need to make the Easter egg-shaped stamp designs:

•    Potatoes (cut in half)

•    Pencil

•    Craft paint

•    Paintbrush

•    A4 paper

Step 1: Use a pencil (or something else that is pointed) to design your Easter egg onto the flat side of the sliced potato e.g. lines, zig-zag, circles etc.

Step 2: Use a paintbrush to paint the flat side of the potato. Experiment with using different colours for different sections of the potato.

Step 3: Turn over the potato and tightly press it down onto the paper. Lift the potato up, and you will see your beautiful Easter egg-shaped design on the paper.

You can let your kids tap into their creativity and experiment with different designs and cut different sized potatoes to make big and small stamps!


Handprint Chicks

Handprint chicks are an exciting craft idea for children of all ages and they are simple to make.

Here are the supplies you would need to create a handprint chick:

•    Coloured paint (yellow for a traditional chick)

•    White and orange card

•   A4 paper

•    Yellow craft feathers

•    Googly eyes

•    Jumbo straws

•    Glue

•    Sticky tape

Step 1: Task your children to paint one of their hands yellow (or whatever colour they would like their chick to be). Gently press their hand onto paper and make sure all the paint from their fingers is transferred onto the paper. This will be the body and wings of your chick.

Step 2: Cut out two long strips from the orange card to make the legs of the chick. Also, cut out a tiny orange triangle to create the chick’s beak and two more small pieces to make the feet.

Step 3: Next, using the two strips for the legs, concertina the paper to make the legs wibbly wobbly. They should appear as a zig-zag when viewed from the side.

Step 4: Stick the feet onto the legs by using the glue.

Step 5: Glue the legs onto the bottom of the chick.

Step 6: Glue the beak and googly eyes onto the chick. Add yellow feathers onto the body of the chick to add some extra fluff and glue some to the sides of the chick to add wings!  

Your chick is complete!

To make your chick into a puppet, cut around the edges of the chick then glue a straw to the back. Now your child can play with their new creation!


Boat Races

Make the holiday fun for your kids by hosting a DIY boat race. Hold the boat race in a large tray of water or a paddling pool. Here’s how:

You will need the following items to make the paper boats:

•    A4 size paper

•    Sellotape

Either challenge your children to create their boat however they like to make it the strongest and fastest or simply follow the steps below to guide you;

Step 1: Fold a sheet of A4 size paper in half.

Step 2: Fold the two corners of the folded paper inwardly (towards the centre), so the upper part looks triangular/pointed.

Step 3: Fold the bottom edge of the paper up towards the triangular points. Now flip the boat over and repeat the same process again on the other side.

Step 4: Fold the lower corners inward so the piece of paper looks like a large triangle. Then, turn the boat over again and repeat the same thing on the other side.

Step 5: Now, open up the paper boat where it folds inwards and fold into a square shape.

Step 6: Fold the lower flaps in an upward direction to once again make it a triangular shape. This triangle should be smaller than the previous one. Now it’s time to fold the triangle once more to make a small square.

Step 7: Finally, hold the top corners and pull them down to get your paper boat.

Now that your boat is ready, it’s time for the boat race! It Is best to set up your boat race outside as there may be some water spillage (or a lot!). Fill a tray or paddling pool with water and place you boats at one side of the tray/ pool. You children must then blow on the boats to get them to move across to the other side. No hands are allowed to be used! The winner is the boat that reaches the other side of the tray/ pool first. Good luck and may the best boat win!

(Make this activity more challenging by removing the tape so boats can only be made with the paper provided.)


Bunny Masks

Many kids love to create and play with different masks. To make bunny masks for Easter, use paper plates! Use a whole plate to become the face of the bunny. Then, cut another plate into two to become the ears and attach these to the top of the plate with a split pin. Cut out two circles for your eyes and one for your mouth too. Now your bunny template is ready, all that is needed is the decorating! Using craft paints and cotton wall, let your children decorate their Easter bunny mask. Attach a jumbo straw or stick to the bottom to hold up your mask or tie a piece or string at the sides of the masks and stretch it over the back of your child’s head so it remains secure!