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Our JOHNSON’S® 3-Step Routine incorporates bathtime and massage, two key rituals that help engage your baby’s sense of smell and touch while strengthening your bond and preparing baby for a good night’s sleep.

Along with engaging your baby’s sense of smell, bathtime encourages skin-to-skin contact, which can lead to improved physiological, cognitive, emotional and social development.

JOHNSON’S® 3 – Step Bedtime Baby Routine


Bathtime is the perfect way to start your baby’s pre-bed routine. Use a wash with an enjoyable and familiar scent, such as JOHNSON’S® Bedtime Bath, to help you soothe your baby before bed.


A soothing massage is a wonderful way to make your baby feel secure, loved and ready for sleep. Use a lotion with a relaxing scent like JOHNSON’S® Bedtime Lotion. Massage can also help you recognise and respond to your baby's body language and it's a great way to make your little one feel safe and secure.


After giving your baby a warm bath and a relaxing massage, it's time to send your baby off to sleep with a little quiet time together. Close contact between you and your little one helps calm your baby’s breathing, relaxing your baby for bed—a great reason for a post-bath cuddle. Make sure you keep the atmosphere calm and cosy. You can help your baby wind down further by reading or singing softly. This will help baby learn how to self-soothe and get back to sleep on their own if they wake up during the night

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