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At Johnson & Johnson, we have a history of supporting the LGBT+ community across the globe. We advocated equal marriage and LGBT+ workplace equality in the US and are now increasing our focus within the UK by launching CARE WITH PRIDE™. This initiative champions love and care for all people within the LGBT+ community while openly taking a stand against inequality.

In the UK, Johnson & Johnson is proud to support the Albert Kennedy Trust (AKT) who help young, homeless members of the LGBT+ community. Their research has shown that 24% of homeless youth in the UK identify as LGBT+ and that 77% of these believe coming out to their parents to be the primary cause of their situation. AKT is dedicated to prevention and early action to overcome homelessness, providing safe homes, mentoring, training and guidance to young people as they come out to their family and friends. In 2017 alone, AKT provided 6,075 nights of safe accommodation and 82% of young LGBT+ people who approached them were supported into safe homes. To learn more about the life-changing work of the AKT, and to volunteer or donate, take a look at their website

We are excited to say that as part of CARE WITH PRIDE™, Johnson & Johnson employees and their family and friends will be marching in pride parades around the UK this summer. We look forward to seeing you at:

• Pride in London – 07/07/2018

• Leeds Pride – 05/08/2018

• Reading Pride – 01/09/2018

Beyond our CARE WITH PRIDE™ initiative, our brands are actively involved in celebrating diversity and inclusivity by continuing to use their global platforms to promote these values. The ethos of CARE WITH PRIDE™ runs right to the core of Johnson & Johnson and we look forward to harnessing this as we continue our support of the inspiring LGBT+ community.