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14 unhealthy habits and how to break them


Sometimes doing something unhealthy develops into a habit. Here's a look at the common bad habits and possible ways to break them.

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1. Biting your nails

Apart from causing sore fingertips, biting your nails can cause nail deformation and infection of the gums.
Fix: Wear fake nails, keeping your nails groomed, learn anti-stress techniques or paint on nasty-tasting polish.

2. Skipping breakfast

Traditionally, it is known as the most important meal of the day and skipping it can lead to a breakdown of a healthy routine.
Fix: Get up a little earlier than your usual time, eat food that appeals to you the most and breaking your meal into small snacks

3. Drinking too much alcohol

Too much alcohol can trigger fatigue, lightheadedness and high blood pressure.
Fix: The UK's National Health Services (NHS) recommends setting a limit to the amount you consume, letting your friends know that you are cutting down, drink water before you start and substituting alcohol with a soft drink

4. Smoking

Health hazards associated with smoking are heart attack, breathing difficulty, cancers of the mouth, lungs, throat, stomach, bladder, kidney and cervix.
Fix: The Center for Disease Control and Prevention, USA, says that even occasional smoking is harmful. It recommends reminding yourself why to quit and getting inspired by others who have benefitted from quitting.

5. Eating junk food

Having too much junk food can cause obesity and the consumption of sugary, fizzy drinks can elevate the risk of diabetes.
Fix: Eat in small proportions, swapping a junk food for salad, and try not to eat directly from the container or the package

6. Spending too much time on your mobile and computer

Not only it is bad for your eyes, it can also deteriorate your physical shape.
Fix: Take breaks and include some outside.

7. Overeating

It can cause unwanted weight gain and high blood pressure.
Fix: Never skip breakfast, eat every four-to-five hours, gauge your hunger level on the scale of starving to full.

8. Not taking a lunch break

The negative consequences of skipping lunch can be body weakness, brain drain and poor performance.
Fix: Practicing time management and prioritising work.

9. Becoming stressed

It can cause headaches, upset stomach, high blood pressure, chest pain, and sleeping problems.
Fix: Chewing bubblegum is a stress buster, as is going outdoors and smiling like you to mean it.

10. Spending too much time on the sofa or being lazy

Apart from feeling physically less active and lethargic, a lazy person risks turning into an obese one.
Fix: Work out while you are watching TV, hit the dance floor or adopt a pet.

11. Driving (or catching the bus) rather than walking short distances

The habit of relying too much on vehicles to cover even short distances tends to make your body less active.
Fix: Apart from the fact that walking can be a cheap option, it is also one of the best way to remain fit.

12. Not drinking enough water

It can cause dehydration, constipation and digestive problems.
Fix: Get inspired by the fact that drinking water makes skin look healthy and it also helps maintain normal bowel functions.

13. Wearing bad shoes

This can causes blisters, corns and heel pain.
Fix: Remember your size and avoid wearing ill-fitting shoes.

14. Going to bed too late

It can lead to headaches, dizziness and a skewed body clock.
Fix: A conscious effort should be made to go to sleep on time, curb smoking, watch less TV, eat less heavy food and make your room dark enough for a sound night's sleep.

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