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Baby Massage Tips

You now know how the power of touch and massage can strengthen your bond and help your little one’s healthy development, but you may be wondering: How do I get started?

Here are some baby massage tips and techniques to help you prepare to safely and gently massage your baby, while making sure the moment means more.

1. Choose a time when your baby is awake and alert, not too hungry or too full

2. Ensure the room is warm and lighting not too bright

3. Have what you need ready: oil, towel, clean nappy and clothes

4. Wash your hands and remove jewellery

5. Use a safe and comfortable place to do the massage and position your baby so that they can see your face clearly

6. Before starting, take time to relax with a few full breaths — this can help your baby relax too

7. Babies are different, changing all the time. For instance, young babies may feel more secure if most of their clothes are left on and they feel close to their parents’ body.

Use a small amount of an appropriately formulated oil or lotion, like JOHNSON’S® Baby Oil. Use a small amount on your own hands — enough for your hands to glide comfortably over your baby’s skin.

NOTE: Don't massage your baby if they're sick or if they have just been immunised - the area of the injection may still be sore.

Through massage, you can gain increased awareness of how your baby communicates. You'll learn to read their likes, dislikes, desires and emotions.

 You'll learn the best time for cuddling, playing and relaxing


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