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Our Brands

CALPOL® Infant Suspension contains Paracetamol. For pain and fever. Always read the label.

Nicorette® products contain nicotine. Stop smoking aids. Requires willpower. Always read the label.

IMODIUM® Original capsules, IMODIUM® Classic capsules, IMODIUM® Instants, IMODIUM® Instant melts and IMODIUM® IBS Relief Soft Capsules contain loperamide and IMODIUM® Plus Comfort Tablets and IMODIUM® Plus Caplets contain loperamide and simeticone to relieve diarrhoea. Always read the label.

IMODIUM® Caps provide fast and effective relief of diarrhoea, and come in a variety of forms to meet your needs.

COLPERMIN® IBS Relief capsules contains Peppermint Oil. Always read the label.

BENYLIN® Chesty Coughs Non-Drowsy. Always read the label.

Sudafed Blocked Nose Spray. Contains xylometazoline. Always read the label.

Benadryl Allergy Relief. Contains acrivastine. Always read the label.

Daktarin Intensiv cream, Daktarin Gold 2% Cream contain ketoconazole 2% w/w. Daktarin Aktiv Cream, Daktarin 2% Cream, Daktarin Powder contain miconazole nitrate 2% w/w. Daktarin Sugar Free 2% Oral Gel contains 20mg miconazole per gram. Daktarin Aktiv Spray Powder contains miconazole nitrate 0.16% w/w. Always read the label.

REGAINE for Men Extra Strength Scalp Foam 5% w/w Cutaneous Foam, REGAINE for Women Once a Day Scalp Foam 5% w/w Cutaneous Foam, REGAINE for Men Extra Strength Scalp Solution 5% w/v Cutaneous Solution, REGAINE for Women Regular Strength contain Minoxidil. Always read the label.

Oraldene® contains the active ingredient hexetidine. Always read the label.