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A parent's guide to teens spot-prone skin


Spots can really affect teenager’s confidence and even prevent them from getting involved in activities and interests they enjoy. The CLEAN & CLEAR® team have put together some useful tips and advice on how to support your teenager through those spot-prone years, as well as their top product recommendations.

Talk to your teen

It can be difficult to approach the subject of spots, blackheads or greasy skin with your teenager. But don’t wait for your teen to ask for help as they might never feel bold enough to seek advice on how to get rid of spots. Try to start the conversation with them, focusing on ways to manage spot-prone skin that most teens suffer from rather than highlighting out their specific issues. Get the conversation going when they are relaxed and remember a spot can be a big deal to a teenager so approach the subject with care.

Offer skin care advice

Some teens feel ashamed of their skin. Give your teen the tools they need for a skincare routine to help take care of their skin. Talk to and show your teen how to cleanse skin with CLEAN & CLEAR® Deep Cleansing Lotion, which helps to effectively remove everyday build-up of excess oil. Seeing the dirt, oil and make-up on the cotton pad should help your teen to understand why it’s important to cleanse twice a day! Try and encourage your teen to cleanse their face twice a day with a wash, scrub or lotion for a deep clean to remove dirt, oil and excess dead skin cells and prevent pores clogging. CLEAN & CLEAR® Deep Action Cream Wash, which contains menthol, leaves skin feeling cool, refreshed and clear as it works deep down in the pores.

The pressures of looking ‘perfect’ everyday can really ware down your teen so try to reassure them that breakouts are normal and can come and go. For those big event days such as proms or birthdays, if a dreaded spot appears, suggest to your teen that they apply CLEAN & CLEAR® Hint of Tint™ cover & correct cream to instantly conceal and help clear spots for clear, beautiful skin, giving them the reassurance to go out and shine for the right reasons.

 Banish any myths and concerns

The gossip from your teen’s school can fuel myths and ignite skin concerns which can really knock their confidence. A common myth is spots appear overnight, this is false as spots would have been in the making for a while. Excess dead skin cells, dirt and overproduction of oil results in pores clogging and eventually a spot will appear on the surface of the skin. However, using the right products regularly will help to manage the formation of spots and help to get rid of them fast.

Another common myth is that chocolate and greasy foods cause spots. This is untrue but keeping hydrated by drinking lots of water and maintaining a balanced diet will help to keep skin balanced and feeling healthy. Putting toothpaste on spots is also a popular myth so advise your teen that toothpaste will simply dry out the skin and that it is best to stick to products with a proven active spot-fighting ingredient such as these from the CLEAN & CLEAN® Advantage® Range.

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It can be a stressful time when you, or your son or daughter has spots which is why we’ve put together some information and tips for you, as well as some product recommendations.