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Winter Skin


Unsightly flaking, cracks in the skin, and uncomfortable itching often come along with the cold weather in winter. Dry skin occurs when the upper layer of the skin cannot retain sufficient moisture. This exacerbated dryness, brought on by such issues as low humidity and dry, cold air during the winter months, can cause flaking and even tiny cracks in the skin’s surface. Many come to accept dry skin as a normal part of winter, but it doesn't have to be something you just accept! By using NEUTROGENA NORWEGIAN FORMULA® products and following some simple dry skin prevention tips, your skin can once again feel rehydrated and replenished.



Your skin contains oils and substances that help draw in moisture naturally. Your skin is also continuously shedding old skin cells. However, when the water content of your skin is low, the process of shedding the old layer of skin is delayed, leading to dry skin. Dry skin can be caused by factors such as the frequent use of harsh soaps or household cleansers, frequent unprotected sun exposure, or old age. In winter, dry skin can be even more common because of the low humidity and the dry, cold air.

How to prevent

In order to help minimise dry skin, try to avoid common triggers. Avoid using harsh soaps and household cleansers. Use sunscreen when you go out and avoid frequent unprotected sun exposure, even during winter. A hot bath can feel good when the weather is cold out, but try to avoid these and take warm baths or showers instead. Keep your body hydrated from the inside by drinking lots of water. You should also use moisturizers when needed. Whether you're experiencing dry feet, hands, or lips, or your whole body could use some moisture, the NEUTROGENA NORWEGIAN FORMULA® range has a product for you. The products contain both humectants and emollients to help moisturize your skin. Glycerin is able to draw moisture from both outside and inside the skin's surface, while the emollients in the formula help prevent moisture loss. With almost 40% glycerin, NEUTROGENA NORWEGIAN FORMULA® Concentrated Hand Cream can help moisturise your worst winter hands with just a dab.

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