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Smoking your way to looking older


It is interesting that when smokers read the health warning on the packet (if indeed they even notice it anymore) that the things that first come to mind are cancer and lung disease for obvious and important reasons. There are also other side effects that many smokers may not be aware of such as smoking's effect on the ageing process.

Ageing is natural. Hair goes grey and maybe falls out. Skin loses its elasticity and plumpness, and wrinkles and lines form. Research suggests a link between grey hairs and wrinkles appearing sooner for smokers. Women especially, may choose to spend hundreds of pounds every year on creams and lotions to combat the effects of ageing on their skin and to keep looking youthful for as long as possible, but even the most expensive anti-ageing creams are not going to compete with the effects of the some 4,000 chemicals contained in cigarette smoke.

Smoking your way to looking older


The risk of premature wrinkles increases the more a person smokes. One way this may happen is by smoking increasing the breakdown of collagen, a structural protein that forms the connective tissue that holds skin together. The chemicals in the smoke can also dry out the surface of the skin and blood circulation is also affected by smoking. All these factors combine to dull the complexion, and cause skin to sag, wrinkle and therefore, age. 


The toxic chemicals in cigarettes could be the cause of lacklustre locks. Smoking affects circulation which can impact your body – and looks – in so many ways. Poor circulation may reduce the nutrients reaching the hair and research suggests smoking could lead to premature greying too – something which is instantly ageing. 


It isn’t just skin and hair that is affected by smoking. When it comes to first impressions, a smile counts for a great deal. If that smile is yellow teeth and receding gums accompanied by smoker’s breath it is not going to be pleasant. Periodontitis, aka gum disease, is a very real side effect of smoking which means that even a good dental hygiene routine may not be enough to combat the effects.

New Year Resolutions

The New Year is always a time to resolve to change. Sadly, resolutions come and go – many simply go up in another puff of cigarette smoke. Many people put health concerns at the top of their list, usually meaning to cut down on junk food and do a bit more exercise. As a smoker, one of your possible resolutions may be to give up. Simple! Perhaps not! The resolution is simple to make. To carry it out may be far from.  Willpower is not enough to carry some people through. Nicotine is after all addictive and some people may find it very difficult to go cold turkey! In fact with the NICORETTE® brand you are more likely to succeed compared to willpower alone.

The NICORETTE® brand offers the adaptability and flexibility for smokers of all types to find a product compatible to the way of giving up smoking that works best for them with a tool to help you pick on the website. If the gum doesn’t work, the patch might. Sometimes it is a combination that is best. The NICORETTE® products can help combat those cravings which are the enemy of any smoker trying to cut down or give up all together.

So, smokers everywhere, will you be putting the NICORETTE® brand on your shopping list?

NICORETTE® is a stop smoking aid. Contains nicotine. Requires willpower. Always read the label. 

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