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Tips for clear skin this summertime


If the increased daylight hours and promise of more sunshine over the next few weeks has you eager to get out and enjoy the summer, we’re right behind you! But if you’re worried about spots or breakouts affecting your fun in the sun, we’ve put together a list of activities and helpful tips to look after your skin this summer season.

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Find your inner zen

Finding yourself and giving yourself time to de-stress and relax can help to keep skin clear and blemish free. Yoga is fantastic for balancing hormones, reducing stress and helping to calm those seasonal breakouts. Summer is a great time to take up yoga and get practicing. Your local gym will most likely offer some classes, or you could head down to a local park with some friends and practice your yoga moves in the sunshine! Mountain pose, chair pose and sun salutations are great for improving circulation, regulating hormone levels and helping you relax for a stress-free summer and clearer skin.

Stock up on SPF

Even the slightest glimpse of sun can have an effect on your skin. Just because the sun’s rays may not feel as strong with a British Summer breeze, doesn’t mean your skin can’t feel its effects – and the last thing you need is to head out for a daytime stroll and return home with sunburn! Try and seek out a moisturiser or foundation that features SPF to help keep your skin protected. Or try PIZ BUIN® 1 Day Long for easy application and peace of mind that your skin is protected from harmful UVA rays for long lasting protection.

Savvy skincare schedules

If there’s one thing that will help keep your skin in tip-top condition throughout summertime, it’s making sure you stick to a recommended skincare regimen. Cleanse your skin every day with a delicate foaming facial wash like NEUTROGENA Visibly Clear® Spot Stress Control® Daily Foaming Wash. It is a gentle, oil-free wash that helps control the breakout cycle by removing dirt, oil and impurities which can lead to spots. With natural aloe vera, it soothes and cares for even sensitive skin, and is gentle enough for daily use.

Water, water everywhere…

It’s no secret that water helps keep the body hydrated and helps skin to look youthful and fresh. In summertime, we tend to become more active, and our bodies lose more water throughout the day due to higher temperatures, so it’s crucial that we replace what we lose. Keep a refillable bottle to hand throughout the day and add a slice of lemon or cucumber to ensure it stays as refreshing as the first sip.

Breakout? Don’t sweat it

Sometimes you can take every possible precaution to prevent spots, only to wake up and find you’ve broken out. It happens but the worst thing to do is panic and start loading your skin with gunky creams and lotions. Instead, drink plenty of water, and stick with your regular beauty regimen, introducing a product specially formulated to deal with sudden breakouts like NEUTROGENA Visibly Clear® Spot Clearing Facial Wash. This gentle wash is dermatologically accredited by the Skin Health Alliance. With 2% salicylic acid and MICROCLEAR® technology, it will sweep away impurities and excess oil to keep skin feeling fresher, clearer and looking healthier. Don’t sweat it when you have a break out, keep to a skincare routine cleansing twice a day and you’ll be fresh-faced in no time.

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