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Nurturing and Growing Together


Having your first baby is a rewarding yet daunting experience. The JOHNSON’S® brand is there to help you along the way with their "Baby & You" YouTube channel. It includes a wealth of information on everything from your baby’s first nappy change to bath time tips. Here’s a sample of the great information you’ll get; How To Do: First Time Out.



Basic tips

As a new parent, going out for a walk with your baby can be a great way to bond, get some exercise, and to simply get out of the house for some fresh air. In general, try to avoid crowded places to limit exposure to germs while your baby is still so young. It may also be an idea to request that people wash their hands before holding your baby as well.

Before you leave the house

Experienced parents will tell you that you can never be too prepared when going out with your baby. Make sure you change your baby’s nappy before leaving. Dress your baby appropriately for the weather, but be careful not to overdress them. Layers work well because you can remove or add layers as necessary. It may also help to make sure your baby is fed. Doing this before you leave will hopefully help you have an enjoyable trip out with your little one. That said, even with these measures, you will probably end up having to change and feed them again, so make sure you’re well-packed with extra nappies and food!

What to put in your changing bag

In case your baby soils their nappy (and they probably will), you’ll probably need a pack of wipes as well as several clean nappies. Also pack a changing pad so you have a clean place to change your baby, in addition to nappy cream and a sack to store the dirty nappies. Pack some muslins and nursing pads as well. If you’re bottle feeding, you’ll need a bottle, formula, and an insulated bottle bag to keep prepared formula at the right temperature. Finally, pack an extra outfit for your baby in case of accidents.

On your outing

You could consider taking your baby out in a sling. It keeps your baby close to you and some babies prefer this to riding in a pram. Take a parasol if it’s sunny outside, and choose a time of day when it’s not too hot or cold outside.

For more great tips for new mums from the JOHNSON’S® brand, see their "Baby & You" YouTube channel.

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Baby Skin Care

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Caring for your little one

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