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Summer Skin and Footcare


Footcare and Suncare

If we’re lucky with the weather, then British summertime is an unrivalled season, showcasing our country at its very best. But even during the duller days, it’s a time when we naturally want to stay as active as possible: taking advantage of the mild temperatures and weeks off school, college or work to get out and about, keep fit and socialise.

Enjoying the great outdoors with a loved one, friends or family involves a certain level of self-care. Okay, so ours isn’t the hottest country in the world, but with temperatures reaching an average of 19.4°C nationwide in July*, it’s clearly important to look after our skin.

The advanced sun filter technologies in PIZ BUIN® products offer protection from both UVA rays (which damage skin’s collagen and elastin, which may result in premature ageing and can cause cancer) and UVB rays (which directly harm the skin’s surface and are the main cause of sunburn). Used correctly, PIZ BUIN® 1 Day Long Lotion is sweat and water resistant, can provide up to six hours of effective sun protection, and is available in SPF 15 and 30. So whether you’re playing football in the park, hiking through the countryside or taking an early-evening jog, make sure to protect your skin with the appropriate level of sunscreen.

Speaking of skin protection, another important area that shouldn’t be neglected during these activities are your feet. Feet take quite a battering during the summer months, from increased athleticism in the park, on the tennis courts or cricket pitches, to long-term exposure in sandals that aren’t perhaps as well-protecting as your regular shoes.

That’s where the COMPEED® brand comes in handy. The footcare specialist offers everything from soothing relief blister plasters to bunion protectors and moisturising corn plasters – all to ease discomfort while you’re busy running around. Then at night, COMPEED® Cracked Heel Overnight Cream can help your heels recover; leaving them looking and feeling in tip-top condition, ready for another action-filled day ahead.

So when you’re packing up your next picnic, take a moment to stock up on sunscreen and plasters too – you never know when you might need them. Have fun in the sun and stay protected!

*, average climate 1981-2010

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